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Did you know that every Moorcroft Vase design is applied by hand?

First artists apply a tracing of the design to the vase using a transfer process.

Then the artist uses a tube-lining technique to prepare the vase for painting. Tube-lining is the process where artists trace the transferred design on the vase with a special slip. This gives each piece a unique raised edge design.

Painters then use special techniques to paint within the lines.

It might seem like a simple process but it takes almost two years of training to graduate from smaller flat trays to larger rounded vases.

Anna Lily Moorcroft Vase - Shape 83/8
Made in England

Apricots Moorcroft Vase - Shape 62/7
Made in England

Blackwell Moorcroft Vase - Shape 104/6
Made in England

Blue Lagoon Moorcroft Vase - Shape 80/9
Limited Edition of only 150 made in England pieces

Bramble Revisited Moorcroft Ginger Jar - Shape 769/4
Made in England

Butterfly Collection Moorcroft Vase - Shape 04/6
Made in England

Colours Of Kiribati Moorcroft Vase – Shape 355/5
Made in England

Debden Lane Moorcroft Vase – Shape 85/8
Made in England

DP Study in White Moorcroft Vase – Shape 226/7
Very Rare Limited Edition of only 30 made in England pieces

Entwined Moorcroft Vase - Shape 159/10
Made in England

Fowlers Farmyard Chicken Moorcroft Vase – Shape 3/5
Made in England

Fowlers Farmyard Goose Moorcroft Vase – Shape 226/7
Made in England

Fowlers Farmyard Sheep Moorcroft Vase – Shape 72/6
Made in England

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