Other Figurines Product List

A Mother's Heart Bradford
A New Family
A Year of Blessing 1st Anniv Precious Moments
Adult Otter - Swimming Country Artists
After The Storm Tractor Country Artists
All Sing His Praises Precious Moments
Alsatian Puppy Country Artists
Alsation Country Artists
Alsation w/Pond Country Artists
Always There When I Need You - #2
American Goldfinch w/Rose HEIGHT 4" Country Artists
Angel Fish Royal Dux
Angel of Spring (Angles of Harmony)
Anniversary 60th Rose 2.5"h 5.5"w
Arabella The Waltz Franklin Porcelain
Ashley Royal Albert
Baa The Ram Paperweight Caithness Glass
Baby Blocks Charming Tails
Baby Shoe Birthstone Keepsakes Assorted
Baby Tiger Young & Playful Country Artists
Baby's First Christmas 1996 (Male) Precious Moments
Baby's First Christmas 1996 H/Orn Precious Moments
Baby's First Meal Precious Moments
Bald Eagle w/Fish (Large) Country Artists
Ballet Girl Floor Exercise
Bassett Hound Puppy Country Artists
Bath Tub (The) Disc Pendelfin
Bed of Roses Country Artists
Beige Tabby- Vigilant 5" 12.5cm Country Artists
Believe In Wonder - #3
Birthday #0 Belle Charming Tails
Birthday #2 Binkey Charming Tails
Birthday #3 Chauncey Charming Tails
Birthday #4 Sabastian Charming Tails
Birthday #5 Stewart Charming Tails
Birthday #6 Reginald Charming Tails
Birthday #7 Maxine Charming Tails
Birthday #8 Bunnie Charming Tails
Birthday #9 Sabrina Charming Tails
Black Cat - Sitting 3.5"h Country Artists
Black Labradors Two Pups Sam & Sophie Country Artists
Blazer (Green Flag) Pendelfin LE Sport
Blazer (Red flag) Pendelfin Sport Series
Blue Boy Florence Ceramics 11" Coalport
Bluebell Royal Albert
Bluetit In Jewel Case Country Artists
Bluetit on Tap Country Artists
Bodgit Event Piece 96 Pendelfin
Book Family Pendelfin
Bookmark Confirmation Day
Bow Wows of Holly
Bowl Mosaic High Caithness Glass
Bowl Mosaic Round Caithness Glass
Bowl Snow White Caithness Glass
Boy w/Broom and Spade Royal Copenhagen
Brice Finnian
Brighten Your Smile Charming Tails
Brown Bears Young & Captivating Country Artists
Bubbly Personality Charming Tails
Building A Pumpkin Man Charming Tails
Bulldog 7.5" 19cm Country Artists
Bus Sign Precious Moments
Call of the Warrior Country Artists
Cameron Cocker Spaniel Country Artists
Candleholder Mosaic Caithness Glass
Candleholder Rough Cuts C/H Smoke Vert Caithness Glass
Cane you join us for a Merry Christmas Precious Moments
Cardinal Paperweight Holiday Traditions
Castles In The Air LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
Cat & Kitten Blk/Wht Country Artists
Cauldron Sable Paperweight Caithness Glass
Celine The Morning Star
Cheeky Pendelfin
Chick In Jewel Case Country Artists
Chimpanzee With Baby Country Artists
Christmas Nut Charming Tails
Cinderella's Castle Hanging Ornament Bradford
Clanger Green Disc Pendelfin Band Ser
Cockatiel 5.75''h (with Periwinkle) Country Artists
Cocker Spaniel Golden Country Artists
Cocoa Stand Sugar Town Precious Moments
Collie 6.25H x 8.5L Brown Tan White
Collie 7H x 8.75L Tan White
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Amethyst
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Blue
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Carnival
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Crystal Opolesce
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Green
Collie Mosser Glass Dog Red
Colonel - Schnauzer Large Country Artists
Communion Boy Wall Cross
Country Rose Royal Albert
Crystal Carousel Blue Paperweight Caithness Glass
Curl Up With A Good Book - #4
Dachshund 2019 Kaiser
Dachshund Puppy Black and Tan Country Artists
Dachshund Puppy Tan Country Artists
Daddy's Little Boy Figurine
Daddy's Little Girl Figurine
Dalmation Puppy Country Artists
Dashund Black & Tan height 3 1/2" Country Artists
Destination Deimos LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
Dian Finnian
Do Not Disturb Country Artists
Dodger Black/Turq Disc Pendelfin Bed Ser
Dodger Blue Pendelfin Bed Series
Dodger R/Fisher Pendelfin Bed Series
Donkey Country Artists
Dorothy Royal Albert
Double Trouble Country Artists
Drink Indentifiers Holiday Traditions
Duke of Edinburgh Black 11" Bust w/box Royal Doulton
Eagle 2036 Kaiser
Early Thaw LE 950 Country Artists
Eight Maids- A-Milking Charming Tails
Elements Angel H/Orn Child.. Love 4.5
Elements Angel Bless this Home 12
Elements Angel Celebrate The Seasons
Elements Angel December Kneeling Angel
Elements Angel Double Figurine 8
Elements Angel Forever In Our Hearts
Elements Angel Friends Make The Holidays
Elements Angel Friends...Treasure 9
Elements Angel H/Orn Child. Joy 4.5
Elements Angel H/Orn Child.. Faith 4.5
Elements Angel H/Orn Holding Heart
Elements Angel Holding A T-Lite 7.5
Elements Angel Holding Butterfly
Elements Angel Holding Dove
Elements Angel Holding Flower
Elements Angel Holy Family Waterglobe
Elements Angel Joy Of The Season
Elements Angel Joy To The World
Elements Angel Magnet Friend Angel 3"H
Elements Angel Magnet Grandma Angel 3"H
Elements Angel Magnet Love Angel 3"H
Elements Angel Mother's Love 9
Elements Angel Mother's fill...Love 9
Elements Angel November Kneeling Angel
Elements Angel Special Friends...8
Elements Angel Sweet Daughter 5.5"H
Elements Angel Thinking Of You
Elements Angel To Love...Greatest Joy6
Elements Angel With Bunnies
Elements Angel With Horn
Elements Angel With Lamb
Elements Angel w/Harp Sweet Music 9
Elements Angels Bring Piece & Hope 12
Elements Angels Holiday Friends
Elements Angels Nurse
Elements Angels See the Beauty in...9
Elements Copper Mother
Elements Elements Angels Nativity Set (Characters Only)
Elements Elements Angels Nativity Set With Creche
Elements H/Orn Angel Holding Book
Elements H/Orn Angel Holding Dove
Elements H/Orn Angel Holding Poinsettia
Elements H/Orn Angel Holding Star
Enan Beag Finnian
Enchanted Forest Paperweight Caithness Glass
Fantasy Island Midnight Mountain Paperweight Caithness Glass
Fantasy Island Sailing By Paperweight Caithness Glass
First Cut Tractor Country Artists
First Lesson (Grizzlies) Country Artists
First Outing (Swans) Country Artists
Fishing For Friends
Floatin On Luck Charming Tails
Flora Plate Ltd. Ed.
Forever Wild Falcon Country Artists
Forever Yours LE Triumphs of the Heart
Fox Terrier height 4 1/2 " Country Artists
Francesca Loving Guardian
Friendship Is The Best Medicine Charming
Fury's Flight - Eagle Country Artists
Garden of Prayer Ladies of the Garden Collection Bradford
Geisha - Minton Figurine
Gems Congratulations Paperweight Caithness Glass
Gems Good Luck Paperweight Caithness Glass
Gems Happy Anniversary Silver Caithness Glass
Gems Happy Birthday Paperweight Caithness Glass
Gems With Love Paperweight Caithness Glass
German Shepherd Country Artists
Girl Palm of Hand
Girl W/Glown Royal Dux
Girl/Bird 2012 Kaiser
Give Ability A Chance LE97Easter Seal Precious Moments
God Bless The Day We Found You Precious Moments
God Bless You Graduate Precious Moments
Going Camping Eh? (2nd Cdn Ed) Charming Tails
Grandfather Precious Moments
Grecian Dancer - Minton Figurine
Growing In Grace Age 2 Precious Moments
Guardians of the Ark (Secret Guardians) Country Artists
H/ORN First Christmas Together
H/ORN Sugar Town Train Station Precious Moments
H/Orn 5th Day Of Christmas Snowman As/Is
H/Orn 6th Day Of Christmas Snowman
H/Orn 9th Day Of Christmas Snowman
H/Orn A Holiday Gathering Bradford
H/Orn Baby's 1 BOY 97 Christmas Precious Moments
H/Orn Baby's First Christmas Boy
H/Orn Christmas Memories Sleigh Bell Bradford
H/Orn Christmas Morning Toronto Maple Leafs Bradford
H/Orn Christmas Tree Cottage Bradford
H/Orn Christmas Wishes Bradford
H/Orn Christmas at the Courthouse Sleigh Bradford
H/Orn Flying dove W/Olive Branch Assort.
H/Orn From Friends Near and Far Bradford
H/Orn Glass Birthstone February 3"H
H/Orn Heaven & Nature Sing Bradford
H/Orn Holiday Lights Bradford
H/Orn Home For The Holidays Bradford
H/Orn Home for the Holidays Bradford
H/Orn Ice Finish Glass Assorted
H/Orn Icicle 'Skaters Delight' Bradford
H/Orn Instruments Porcelain 3.5"H
H/Orn Jingle Buddies Assorted
H/Orn Joy to the World Bradford
H/Orn Kitten (Silver) with Bear Bradford
H/Orn Love Rescued Me Precious Moments
H/Orn Mickey Building a Snowman Bell Bradford
H/Orn Pear Cluster Assorted
H/Orn Pearl Dove Wire Bead Ornament
H/Orn Reindeer Star Saddle Holiday Bradford
H/Orn Santas Stocking Treats Bradford
H/Orn Silent Night Christmas Classics Bradford
H/Orn Silver Bells Holiday Traditions
H/Orn Sleeping Cat
H/Orn Sleeping Dog
H/Orn Slow Down for the Holidays Precious Moments
H/Orn Snowman Wood Assorted
H/Orn St Nicholas Circle Bradford
H/Orn Stonehearth Hutch Bradford
H/Orn Sweetheart Cottage Peaceful Retreat Bradford
H/Orn The Gift of Peace Bradford
H/Orn Touch Up Bradford
H/Orn Victorian Christmas Bradford
H/Orn Victorian Christmas II Bradford
H/Orn Victorian Christmas IV Bradford
H/Orn Victorian Cristmas Bradford
H/Orn Winter Wonderland Bradford
H/Orn Wolf Jumping Over Log Majestic Bradford
HRH Princess Anne Black 11"Bust no box Royal Doulton
Hand of Friendship/Maiden Country Artists
Happy Birthday Surprise Charming Tails
Heading For The Beach Charming Tails
Helen Royal Albert
Helping Hand Tractor Country Artists
Hidden In Time LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
I Believe You Can Fly Charming Tails
I Picked This Just For You
I'll always Protect You Charming Tails
I'm Just A Phone Call Away Charming Tail
I'm Moo-ved By You Charming Tails
I'm Sending you a Merry Christmas Precious Moments
Impact Cobalt Paperweight Caithness Glass
Impact Gold Paperweight Caithness Glass
Impact Heather Paperweight Caithness Glass
Impact Kingfisher Paperweight Caithness Glass
Indian with Urn Classic
Iris Pin W Card
Isadora Paperweight Caithness Glass
Jack Russel 8.5" 21.5cm Country Artists
Jack Russel Puppy Country Artists
Jack Russell Best In Show ht 4 1/2" Country Artists
Jack Russell Tan/White Country Artists
Jake & Jed Alsation Pair Country Artists
January Precious Moments
Jennifer Royal Albert
Jesse James Notable Namesake
Jessica Royal Albert
Keep All Your Ducks in a Row Charming
Kestral Country Artists
Killer Whale with Calf Country Artists
King Charles Blenheim Country Artists
King Of My Heart Charming Tails
Lab with Wellingtons Country Artists
Labrador Sit Gold Country Artists
Labrador Yellow standing Country Artists
Lady Wine Grower WG Royal Dux
Lady w Hat Blue Royal Dux
Lady w/Snowchild Certificado De Garantia
Lady with Hat Red Royal Dux
Large Passion Heart Paperweight Caithness Glass
Lead Me To Calvary Dated 1997 Precious Moments
Lifted By Your Love Charming Tails
Linda Royal Albert
Lisa Royal Albert
Listen To Your Heart Charming Tails
Little Moments Professionals Precious Moments
Look No Hands Charming Tails
Love Conquers All Triumphs of the Heart
Love Hearts Paperweight Caithness Glass
Love in The Air-Give Love a Shot
Loving Guard - Music Waterball
Lucky I Found You Charming Tails
Lunar Rose LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
Majestic Grace Country Artists
Make A Joyful Noise Precious Moments
Margaret Royal Albert
Marianne The Minuet Franklin Porcelain
Mary Royal Albert
Millennium Vision LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
Missum You Precious Moments
Mood Lights Serene Paperweight Caithness Glass
Morning Star Pendelfin
Mother's Wedding Hankie
My Granddaughter My Friend Bradford
Napkin Holder Christmas Assorted
New Experience Country Artists
Newfoundland Dog - Reflections Country Artists
Nollag Cairdeas Finnian
Nollag Feile Finnian
November Precious Moments
Old Country Rose 2010 Royal Albert FOY
Only A Rose Paperweight Caithness Glass
Only One Life To Offer Precious Moments
Otter Cubs - Swimming Country Artists
Otter Cubs Country Artists
Otter Swimming Country Artists
Our 1st Christmas TogetherH/Orn Anniversary Precious Moment
Our Friendship is Magic Charming Tails
Pack Your Trunk For The HolidaysH/orn Precious Moments
Paisley Twists Amethyst Paperweight Caithness Glass
Paisley Twists Aquamarine Paperweight Caithness Glass
Paisley Twists Emerald Paperweight Caithness Glass
Paisley Twists Sapphire Paperweight Caithness Glass
Paisley Twists Topaz Paperweight Caithness Glass
Panda In Jewel Case Country Artists
Parakeet with Clematis height 5" Country Artists
Parrot Blue Royal Dux
Patricia Royal Albert
Paul (Staffordshire Lace)
Peace On Earth Anyway 1996 Precious Moments
Peaceful Waters Paperweight Caithness Glass
Peacock Mini Country Artists
Peadar Finnian
Peek-A-Boo Charming Tails
Penguin Mother & Chicks Country Artists
Philip Precious Moments
Photo Frame Christening/Baptism 4"H
Photo Frame Confirmation
Picnic Midge Pendelfin Picnic Series
Pig Nitelight Precious Moments
Pink Champagne Paperweight Caithness Glass
Pinkie Florence Ceramics 11" Coalport
Plate The Rainbow Valley of the Unicorn Princton Gallery
Pointer 2025 Kaiser
Polar Bear & Cub In Safe Hands Country Artists
Polar Bear Cub Country Artists
Polar Bear Lying Down Country Artists
Polar Bear With Cub Country Artists
Polar Bear/Paw On Rock Country Artists
Pomeranian height 4" Country Artists
Poodle 7.75" 19.5cm Country Artists
Poodle Puppy Country Artists
Poppy Meadow Paperweight Caithness Glass
Potter Pendelfin
Pretty Parachute Charming Tails
Prince Of Peace Ltd. Ed. plate
Princess Anne Black 11"Bust w/box Royal Doulton
Promise of Love Country Artists
Province House The First Meeting
Pug Best In Show height 4 1/2" Country Artists
Pumpkin Surprise Charming Tails
Pyramid Twist Pink Paperweight Caithness Glass
Pyramid Twists Blue Paperweight Caithness Glass
Pyramid Twists Green Paperweight Caithness Glass
Pyramid Twists Red Paperweight Caithness Glass
Queen Elizabeth II Black 10.5"Bust w/box Royal Doulton
Queen Of My Heart Charming Tails
Rabbit Family Country Artists
Rabbit In Jewel Case Country Artists
Raccoon Country Artists
Reginalds Gourd Costume (Ch Tails) disc
Reward Yellow Lab Country Artists
Rex - Alsation Large Country Artists
Ribbon Dancer Paperweight Caithness Glass
Rockafella Event Piece 98 Pendelfin
Rocky Blue Disc Pendelfin Band Series
Rocky Green Disc Pendelfin Band Series
Rocky Turq Disc Pendelfin Band Series
Rococo Lady WG Royal Dux
Rococo Man w Parrot Royal Dux
Rolly Blue Disc Pendelfin Band Series
Rowena Bradford
Rox Clear Green And Green Paperweight Caithness Glass
Rox Clear Red And Blue Paperweight Caithness Glass
Ruby Bradford
Ruby Radiance Bradford
Sage Minton Figurine
Sand Storm Paperweight Caithness Glass
Saying "Oui" to Our Love H/Orn Precious Moments
Schnauzer - Grey Best In Show 4.5" Country Artists
Schnauzer - Sitting height 11 1/2" Country Artists
Sea Breezes - Minton Figurine
Sea Lion Royal Dux
Secret Present Country Artists
Secret Surprise Country Artists
Secret Whispers Country Artists
Senan LE Finnian
Shambalah LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
Sheikh - Minton Figurine
Sign Precious Moments
Sir Lancelot Notable Namesake
Skating Pond Sugar Town Precious Moments
Sleeping Beauty (Royal Ballet) Franklin
Snow Cone Charming Tails
Soaring the Heavens - Eagle Country Artists
Sophia The Allemande Franklin Porcelain
Spaniel STD. Roan Country Artists
Splash The Large Dolphin Paperweight Caithness Glass
Spring Garden Birdhouse Votive Charming Tails
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brindle ht 4" Country Artists
Street Sign Precious Moments
Suncatcher Various Precious Moments
Swan Country Artists
Swan Lake (Royal Ballet) LE Franklin
Sweet Dreams Otter sign Country Artists
Sweet Lilac Royal Albert
Sweet Rose 2011 Royal Albert Old Country Roses FOY
Swish Cerise Paperweight Caithness Glass
TRAVELERS TALES - Minton Figurine
Teacher Can Change The World
Teacup/Saucer PM Monthly Precious Moments
Teapot Monthly Precious Moments
Tennessee Walker Elegant Gate ht 6 1/2" Country Artists
Thimbles Country Artist (6 designs) Country Artists
Tobacco Jar Men Sitting w/Dog Border Royal Doulton
Tranquil Oasis Paperweight Caithness Glass
Tribal Dance LE Paperweight Caithness Glass
True Hearts Pearl Paperweight Caithness Glass
True Hearts Pink Paperweight Caithness Glass
Vase Mosaic Barrel Caithness Glass
Vase Mosaic Large Bouquet Vase Caithness Glass
Vase Mosaic Medium Teardrop Caithness Glass
Vase Snow White Barrel Caithness Glass
Vase Two Handled Beswick No 495
Warrior's Gift Country Artists
We Are Family By Choice Charming Tails
We're Here When You Need Us Charming
Weimaraner as/is Country Artists
Wheel Of Fortune Red Paperweight Caithness Glass
While You Were Out Charming Tails
With This Ring Charming Tails
Wolf Cubs Country Artists
Wolf Howling Medium Country Artists
Wolf Howling Mini Country Artists
Wolf Pair Country Artists
Woodland Young Rabbit Country Artists
Yorkie - Yawning height 5 3/4" Country Artists
Yorkshire Terrier W/Tap Country Artists
You Bake Me Happy Charming Tails
You Can't Wash Away My Love Charming Tails
You Give me a lift Orn/Stan Charming Tai
You Make Me Look Good Charming Tails
You Pull my Heart Strings - #5
You Spice Up My Life Charming Tails
You Will Always Be Our Hero Precious Moments
You're My Treasure Charming Tails
You've Taught Me So Much Charming Tails
Young Dolphins With Coral (Crazing) Country Artists
Your So Colourful Charming Tails
Yuletide Jewels Unicorn LE Princton Gallery
Yuletide Suite Unicorn LE Princton Gallery
e-532185 Easter Seals Precious Moments