Animal Figurines Product List

Aberdeen Angus Bull Matt Beswick Farm
Aberdeen Angus Cow Matt Beswick Farm
Adult Otter - Swimming Country Artists
After The Storm Tractor Country Artists
Agneatha Long Haired Tabby Border Fine Arts
Airedale Terrier Lying Royal Doulton
Alsatian "Ulrica Of Brittas" Gloss Beswick
Alsatian Ch. Benign of Picardy Royal Doulton
Alsatian Lying Beswick Dog
Alsatian Puppy Country Artists
Alsatian Standing Beswick Dog
Alsation Beswick Dog
Alsation Country Artists
Alsation Royal Doulton
Alsation w/Pond Country Artists
American Goldfinch w/Rose HEIGHT 4" Country Artists
BLACK BEAUTY FOAL (Brown) Beswick Horse
Baby Tiger Young & Playful Country Artists
Badger Cub Beswick
Badger Female Beswick
Badger Male Beswick
Bald Eagle Gloss Beswick Bird
Bald Eagle w/Fish (Large) Country Artists
Barn Owl Beswick Bird
Barn Owl Gloss Beswick Bird
Basset Hound "Fochno Trinket" Gloss Beswick
Bassett Hound Puppy Country Artists
Bed of Roses Country Artists
Beige Tabby- Vigilant 5" 12.5cm Country Artists
Belted Galloway Cow 14cm Beswick Farm
Black Cat - Sitting 3.5"h Country Artists
Black Faced Sheep Gloss Beswick Farm
Black Labradors Two Pups Sam & Sophie Country Artists
Bluetit Gloss Beswick Bird
Bluetit In Jewel Case Country Artists
Bluetit on Tap Country Artists
Boar CH "Wall Champion Boy 53rd" Gloss Beswick
Bois Roussel Race Horse Brown Gloss Royal Doulton
Bottoms Up Border Fine Arts
Boxer Champion "Warlord Of Mazelaine" Royal Doulton
Boxer Gloss Royal Doulton
Boxer Sm Beswick Dog
Boxers One Seated One Lying Beswick Dog
Brown Bears Young & Captivating Country Artists
Bugatti 1930 LE Blue Car Number 10 Border Fine Arts
Bull Terrier Royal Doulton
Bulldog "Bosun" Sm Beswick Dog
Bulldog 7.5" 19cm Country Artists
Bulldog Draped In Union Jack Small Royal Doulton
Bulldog Royal Doulton
Bulldog Seated Beswick Dog
Bulldog Seated Royal Doulton
Bulldog White British LE/1000 Royal Doulton
Bulldogs Seated Beswick Dog
Bullfinch Gloss Beswick Bird
Cairn Terrier sm 3 1/4" Royal Doulton
Call of the Warrior Country Artists
Cameron Cocker Spaniel Country Artists
Cat & Kitten Blk/Wht Country Artists
Cat & Street Sign Cat Walk Ginger Border Fine Arts
Cat Eyes Forward Black & White Border Fine Arts
Cat Eyes Up Black & White Border Fine Arts
Cat Lying Black & White Border Fine Arts
Cat On A Post Border Fine Arts
Cat Seated Ginger Disc97 Royal Doulton
Cat with Mouse 3" Beswick Cat
Caught It Beswick Dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Seated Beswick
Chaffinch Gloss Beswick Bird
Chaffinch Gloss Beswick Bird
Character Dog W/Ball Royal Doulton
Character Kitten Lying on Back Royal Doulton
Cheetah Standing Beswick
Chick In Jewel Case Country Artists
Chicory Fairy Border Fine Arts
Chihuahua Lying On Cushion Gloss Beswick
Chimpanzee With Baby Country Artists
Chow (Shibu Ino) Royal Doulton
Cockatiel 5.75''h (with Periwinkle) Country Artists
Cocker Spaniel "Horseshoe Primula" GBroG Beswick
Cocker Spaniel Black & White Gloss Beswick
Cocker Spaniel Gold Matt Royal Doulton
Cocker Spaniel Golden Country Artists
Cocker Spaniel Liver & White Gloss Beswick
Cocker Spaniel Liver/White Gloss Royal Doulton
Cocker Spaniel Seated Royal Doulton
Cocker Spaniel Standing Beswick Dog
Cocker Spaniels Seated Pair Disc97 Beswick
Collie Beswick 3.25" Beswick Dog
Collie "Lochinuar of Ladypark" Large Beswick
Collie CH Ashstead Applause Med Royal Doulton
Collie Pups For Sale Border Fine Arts
Colonel - Schnauzer Large Country Artists
Dachshund - Standing 4 1/2" Beswick Dog
Dachshund 1 3/4" Royal Doulton
Dachshund 2019 Kaiser
Dachshund Ch Shrewd Saint Royal Doulton
Dachshund Puppy Black and Tan Country Artists
Dachshund Puppy Tan Country Artists
Dalmatian Gloss Beswick Dog
Dalmation Puppy Country Artists
Dashund Black & Tan height 3 1/2" Country Artists
Do Not Disturb Country Artists
Doberman Gloss Royal Doulton
Doberman Pinscher "Annastock Lance" Beswick
Doe Gloss Beswick
Dog Asleep on Drum Beswick Dog
Dog Of FO (Flambe) Royal Doulton
Dog Playing Accordian Beswick Dog
Dog W/Ladybird On Tail (Large) Beswick
Donkey Country Artists
Double Trouble Country Artists
Drake Standing Med Flambe model 137 Royal Doulton
Duck - Large Beswick Bird
Duck Family Beswick Bird
Duck Resting Sm Flambe model 112 Royal Doulton
Duck With Ladybird On Beak Beswick Bird
Eagle 2036 Kaiser
Early Thaw LE 950 Country Artists
Elephant trunk in salute Royal Doulton
English Springer Spaniel Black & White Border Fine Arts
FOAL YOUNG Br G Beswick Horse
Family Outing Border Fine Arts
First Cut Tractor Country Artists
First Lesson (Grizzlies) Country Artists
First Outing (Swans) Country Artists
Foal (Large Head Down) Beswick Horse
Foal (Larger Thoroughbred Type) BrGloss Royal Doulton
Foal (Small Stretched Facing L) Dap Grey Royal Doulton
Foal (Stretched facing Left) Black Matt Royal Doulton
Foal Grazing Brown Gloss Beswick Horse
Foreplay Border Fine Arts
Forever Wild Falcon Country Artists
Fox Terrier height 4 1/2 " Country Artists
Fox Terrier Royal Doulton
Foxhound Seated Royal Doulton
Friesian Cow Ch."Claybury Leegwater" Gloss Beswick
Fury's Flight - Eagle Country Artists
Geese (Pair) Beswick Bird
German Shepherd Country Artists
Girl/Bird 2012 Kaiser
Gloucester Old Spot Pig Royal Doulton
Goldcrest Gloss (Chipped Tail) Beswick
Goldcrest Gloss Beswick Bird
Golden Eagle matt Beswick Bird
Golden Retriever & Pup Royal Doulton
Golden Retrievers Seated Disc97 Beswick
Goldie & Her Peeps Border Fine Arts
Gorse Fairy The Border Fine Arts
Greenfinch Matte Beswick Bird
Grey Wagtail Gloss Beswick Bird
Grey Wagtail Gloss Small Chip on Base Beswick
Guardians of the Ark (Secret Guardians) Country Artists
HACKNEY PONY (Beswick) Beswick Horse
HORSE Brown Gloss Beswick Horse
Hand of Friendship/Maiden Country Artists
Hare Flam Lying Legs Stretched HN2594 Royal Doulton
Harvest Mouse Disc97 Beswick
Hedgehogs Border Fine Arts
Helping Hand Tractor Country Artists
Hereford Bull Gloss Beswick Farm
Hereford Cow Beswick Farm
Hog Wash A Border Fine Arts
Horse (Small Thorough Bred Stallion)BrGl Royal Doulton
Hound Pair Beswick Dog
Huntsman Fox Royal Doulton
In The News (Rd Cats) Royal Doulton
Irish Setter Ch. 'Pat O'Moy' Sm Royal Doulton
Jack Russel 8.5" 21.5cm Country Artists
Jack Russel Black Border Fine Arts
Jack Russel Puppy Country Artists
Jack Russell Best In Show ht 4 1/2" Country Artists
Jack Russell Tan/White Country Artists
Jack Russell Terrier Standing Disc97 Beswick
Jack Russell Terrier small Beswick Dog
Jake & Jed Alsation Pair Country Artists
Jersey Cow & Calf On Plinth Beswick Farm
Jersey Cow Ch. "Newton Tinkle" Beswick
Kestral Country Artists
Kestrel Gloss Beswick Bird
Killer Whale with Calf Country Artists
King Charles Blenheim Country Artists
Kissing Cousins Border Fine Arts
Kitten Ginger Royal Doulton
Koala Bear on branch Beswick
Lab with Wellingtons Country Artists
Labrador "Solomon Of Wendover" Gold. Gl. Beswick
Labrador "Solomon of Wendover"GoldYellMa Beswick
Labrador Black Beswick Dog
Labrador Golden Beswick Dog
Labrador Sit Gold Country Artists
Labrador Sm Golden/Brown /Black Gloss Beswick
Labrador Standing (mfg f/a) Royal Doulton
Labrador Yellow standing Country Artists
Lakeland Terrier Gloss Beswick Dog
Lamb Black Faced Gloss Beswick Farm
Little Black Lamb Border Fine Arts
Lollopy Dog Seated Puppy Blue Beswick
MARE BROWN Beswick Horse
Majestic Grace Country Artists
Mallard Plaque Gloss 5.75" Beswick Bird
Mallard Duck Beswick Bird
Mallard Duck Beswick Bird
Mallard Plaque 7" Gloss Beswick Bird
Mallard Plaque Gloss 8.75" A/F Beswick
Mare (Small Facing Right) Brown Gloss Royal Doulton
Meeting Of Sheldon Border Fine Arts
Middlewhite Boar 8cm Beswick Farm
Monkey Blue Gloss Beswick
Moses & Friends Border Fine Arts
Mouse Beswick
Mouse First Friends White Plinth Border Fine Arts
My First Horse Beswick Horse
Nap Time Beswick Dog
New Experience Country Artists
New Forest Pony Beswick Horse
New Forest Pony Royal Doulton
New Friend A Border Fine Arts
New Toy (Rd Cats) Royal Doulton
Newfoundland Dog - Reflections Country Artists
Nigerian Pot Bellied Pigmy Goat Beswick
Off To The Fair Border Fine Arts LE
Old English Sheepdog Beswick Dog Gloss
Old English Sheepdog Standing Matte Royal Doulton
Old Staffordshire Lion Beswick
Old Staffordshire Unicorn Beswick
Otter Cubs - Swimming Country Artists
Otter Cubs Country Artists
Otter Swimming Country Artists
Owl Beswick Bird
Ozark Belle Border Fine Arts
Palomino Brown Gloss Beswick Horse
Palomino Color Palomino Beswick Horse
Palomino Horse (Prancing Arab Type) BrGl Royal Doulton
Panda In Jewel Case Country Artists
Panda Sm Gloss Beswick
Parakeet with Clematis height 5" Country Artists
Peacock Mini Country Artists
Pekinese Ch.'Biddee of Ifield' Sm Royal Doulton
Pekinese Royal Doulton
Penguin - Chick Beswick Bird
Penguin - W/Umbrella (Red) Beswick Bird
Penguin Beswick (Mark 8700) Blue Sm
Penguin Mother & Chicks Country Artists
Penguin W/Walking Stick Beswick Bird
Penguin With Chick Under Wing A/1 Royal Doulton
Penguin with Umbrella (Red) (Paint Chip) Beswick
Persian Cat Seated white Royal Doulton
Persian Cat Standing Ginger Royal Doulton
Persian Cat Standing Grey Royal Doulton
Persian Cat Standing White Royal Doulton
Persian Kitten Ginger Royal Doulton
Persian Kitten White Royal Doulton
Peter Rabbit Onion Bank Border Fine Arts
Pheasant Ashtray Beswick Bird
Pig & Piglet "Piggy Back" Beswick Farm
Pig Beswick Farm as/is crazing Beswick
Pig In A Poke A Border Fine Arts
Pig In A Poke C Border Fine Arts
Pig In A Poke F Border Fine Arts
Piglet Style 4 Sleeping Royal Doulton
Plate The Rainbow Valley of the Unicorn Princton Gallery
Pointer 2025 Kaiser
Polar Bear & Cub In Safe Hands Country Artists
Polar Bear Cub Country Artists
Polar Bear Lying Down Country Artists
Polar Bear With Cub Country Artists
Polar Bear/Paw On Rock Country Artists
Polled Hereford Bull Gloss Beswick Farm
Pomeranian height 4" Country Artists
Poodle 7.75" 19.5cm Country Artists
Poodle Puppy Country Artists
Poodle White Dog 5.75" Beswick
Promise of Love Country Artists
Pug Best In Show height 4 1/2" Country Artists
Quiet Please Cute Cats Cat's Chorus Beswick
Rabbit - Crouching (Unmarked) Brown Beswick
Rabbit - Crouching (Unmarked) Brown Beswick
Rabbit - On Hunches Brown Beswick
Rabbit - Seated Brown Beswick
Rabbit Family Country Artists
Rabbit In Jewel Case Country Artists
Rabbit light brown and white 3" Beswick
Rabbit-Scratching Ear Brown2 1/4" Beswick
Raccoon Country Artists
Raccoon on Log Beswick
Red Poll Cow 16cm Beswick Farm
Red Rum Horse on plinth Matte Royal Doulton
Retriever Standing Disc97 Beswick Dog
Retriever on ceramic plinth Royal Doulton
Reward Yellow Lab Country Artists
Rex - Alsation Large Country Artists
Robin Beswick Bird
Rottweiler Gloss Royal Doulton
Rottweiler Matt Royal Doulton
Rottweiler Standing Beswick Dog
Rottweilers One Seated One Lying Beswick
Rough Collie Gloss Beswick Dog
Rough Collie Gloss Royal Doulton
Rough Collie Matt Royal Doulton
Saint Bernard "Corna Garth Stroller" Beswick
Sawing Logs Border Fine Arts
Schnauzer - Grey Best In Show 4.5" Country Artists
Schnauzer - Sitting height 11 1/2" Country Artists
Scottish Terrier (min wear) Ch."A Arthur Royal Doulton
Scottish Terrier 3" Standing Beswick Dog
Scottish Terrier Seated Royal Doulton
Seagull Plaque Gloss Wh/Bl/ye Beswick
Secret Present Country Artists
Secret Surprise Country Artists
Secret Whispers Country Artists
Seeing Red Border Fine Arts
Sheepdog & Pup Royal Doulton
Sheepdog Gloss Beswick Dog
Shetland Cow 13cm Beswick Farm
Shetland Pony Grey Beswick Horse
Shire Mare Brown Second Version Beswick
Siamese Cat (model k1559) Beswick Cat
Siamese Cat (Small chip on ear) Royal Doulton
Siamese Cat Seated Large 9" Royal Doulton
Siamese Cat Standing Royal Doulton
Siamese Kittens Royal Doulton Cat
Soaring the Heavens - Eagle Country Artists
Sow CH "Wall Queen 40th" Gloss Beswick
Spaniel & Pup Golden Royal Doulton
Spaniel STD. Roan Country Artists
Spirit Of The Wind Doulton Royal Doulton
Spirit of Flight Brown Matt Beswick
Spirit of Wisdom Brown Matt Beswick
Spirit of the Wind Free Standing Beswick
Spirit of the Wind on Plinth Beswick
Spring Outing Dormouse Border Fine Arts
Springer Spaniel Gloss Brown/White Beswick
Springtime Foal White on Plinth Beswick
St. Bernard Lying Royal Doulton
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brindle Gloss Royal Doulton
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brindle ht 4" Country Artists
Stonechat Gloss Beswick Bird
Swan Country Artists
Sweet Dreams Otter sign Country Artists
Tamworth Pig 6" Royal Doulton
Tamworth Sow 8cm Beswick Farm
Tawny Owl Beswick Bird
Tawny Owl on Plinth Royal Doulton Bird
Teal Green Wing (male) Royal Doulton
Tennessee Walker Elegant Gate ht 6 1/2" Country Artists
Thimbles Country Artist (6 designs) Country Artists
Three Puppy Dogs 2" Disc 1965 Beswick
Toby Cocker Spaniel Border Fine Arts
Tug O' War 4.5"h Border Fine Arts
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig Royal Doulton
Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Piglet Royal Doulton
Wallflower Fairy Border Fine Arts
Warrior's Gift Country Artists
Watering Hole (Leopard) Royal Doulton
Weimaraner as/is Country Artists
Welsh Corgi Champion "Spring Robin" Royal Doulton
West Highland White Terrier Repaired Ear Border Fine Arts
West Highland White Terriers Seated Beswick
Westies Pr Border Fine Arts
Winner (the) No. 2 Royal Doulton
Winner The (On Ceramic Plinth) Gloss Royal Doulton
Wolf Cubs Country Artists
Wolf Howling Medium Country Artists
Wolf Howling Mini Country Artists
Wolf Pair Country Artists
Woodland Young Rabbit Country Artists
Woodmouse Disc97 Beswick
Wren Beswick Bird
Yorkie - Yawning height 5 3/4" Country Artists
Yorkshire Terrier Laughing Beswick Dog
Yorkshire Terrier Seated Glossy Royal Doulton
Yorkshire Terrier Standing Beswick Dog
Yorkshire Terrier W/Tap Country Artists
Young Dolphins With Coral (Crazing) Country Artists
Yuletide Jewels Unicorn LE Princton Gallery
Yuletide Suite Unicorn LE Princton Gallery