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Princess Badoura LE Royal Doulton Figurine
This beautiful figurine is based on the 1001 Arabian Nights story about Princess Badoura the daughter of a Chinese King and her journey of love with Persian Prince Camaralzaman. Both embark on a wonderful adventure to find each other in this compelling tale of love and destiny.
The figurine depicts the princess on her wedding day inspired by French painter Edmund Dulac and designed by R. Tabbenor. The Princess is wearing a beautifully colored lilac dress and riding on a wonderfully detailed adorned elephant. The figurine of 22-carat gold is made available in a limited edition of 500 by Royal Doulton and is part of the Prestige Collection which was launched in 1952. All of the figurines are individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.
This seven and a half inch high figurine is a must have piece for true Royal Doulton collectors. Princess Badoura has a book value of 1500.00 Canadian in the 12 edition of the Royal Doulton Charlton Standard Catalogue and is a fantastic find at this low price.
HN 4179
$650.00 Can
$494.00 US

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