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Hi Everyone,

My daughter Elizabeth has been fighting stage 4 cancer for over two years, and thanks to her daughter Mezena, she is better than most cancer people. She had a number of setbacks in 2021,  However, she is improving slowly.
Thank you for all the prayers for her, and her amazing progress. 
Precious Memories, officially Nora's Designs of Pre-Mem,  is an online store only. When an order comes in, my aim is to have every shipment sent the next day, or I send an email telling you why I can not ship an order. 
Many Royal Doulton figurines, Lladro and Harmony Kingdom items are listed on Amazon. If you see anything on Amazon you would like, please call me on the toll free line, 1-800-463-5200 and leave a message.  The selling price will be cheaper from our website, than what is listed on Amazon. I have to verify I have every order to be sure items are here in stock. 
Send an email to me at "" with your questions. I now have most of the inventory stored in some kind of order, and likely can find the items. 
Shipping costs have increased over the last year, delivery times are slower.  We are working on the inventory items, and we will be opening up parts of the website, by the end of January.  I will be working on the Royal Doulton Figurines first, then likely Bunnykins and other catagories after that. 
I am planning to list the tableware dishes names where we have some items, before I list down the individual items.  All of the dishes we have in stock are discontinued, so there will likely be  good deals.  This will be a good chance to replace items that were broken, or to get a different set of everyday dishes, just to brighten up your days.  
Progress seems to take a lot of time, so thank you for your patience.  
All the best to you, and I look forward to hearing from you during 2022. 

Stay safe,
Nora Boyle